A sacred space for spiritual seekers to gather, share, heal, and learn.


Do you thirst for understanding beyond what your physical senses can reveal?


Do you feel you are on a path of growth and enlightenment, yet seek more clarity and direction?


Do you long for a sense of community and connection with others who share your interests and spiritual longings?


Do you seek a safe place to express your deepest truths without fear of judgement – a place where compassion, acceptance, and understanding reign supreme?


Are you committed to personal growth and discovery as a means to shine more of your light upon the world?

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The Wisdom Circle Learning Community (WCLC) is a free platform for evolving humans [sharing deep spiritual thirst] who wish to connect and exchange ideas.


Moderated by Jeffrey Eisen – spiritual life coach, teacher, energy intuitive, and channeler of the spiritual entity Shaltazar – WCLC is Jeffrey’s vision of a way to bring people together in a safe space dedicated to love and learning where all members join in helping each other enjoy a more fulfilling, gratifying, joyous, loving, and harmonious life experience.  Built upon the foundation of his own extensive journey of self-discovery as informed by the cosmic teachings of Shaltazar, it is Jeffrey’s desire to lead others to integrate and embody this wisdom into their own lives in a practical and meaningful way.  Jeffrey is assisted in building this community by friends and collaborators who share his vision. 


 As each of us continues to evolve, so will this space adapt to keep pace with the ever-expanding consciousness and spiritual needs of its members.